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Yesterday, I decided to leave my Tumblr to focus on my blog here. I joined the Blog 101 lessons last 2014, so I already have a few posts and followers. I’ve always wanted to go back to blogging, but life has been preventing me to do so. Ever since I came back from the US, a lot of things happened (which I would share in my future blog posts). I felt like my life was stuck for 3 years. And I didn’t do something about it. My fault, I know. But now that I’ve gained inspiration and motivation to do the things I love again, I’m gonna go ALL OUT.

Jungkook, Jimin, patingin ng all out! 😂


Anyway, here are the few things that made me a little busy for the past few months:

Freelance Work

Before graduating from college, I already have plans on where to work. I want to start being a Management Trainee in a fast food restaurant, but life happened… so change plans! Circumstances during that time only allowed me to work at home. And I’m blessed that I’ve learned about EPH through a friend. Writing had been my passion since grade school, so I was very excited to start working there, even though the compensation is not that much compared to other writing jobs.

  Working at home has its pros and cons. You get to manage your own time. It doesn’t matter if you wake up at 12 noon as long as you submit your finished work on the deadline. Stressing over your look every day won’t be a problem too. Your editors and co-workers won’t see whether your hair’s disheveled or you’re still wearing your pajamas.

On the other hand, if you are not disciplined enough, you might get too lazy to write most of the time (thus, you’ll have less earnings). Another thing, your social life would only revolve around social media, your family, and your dog. Though there are fun games every month, meeting people who you work with and talking to them personally is still different.

I’ve been working freelance for two years now, but I’m still yearning to work in a different environment. Plans to work abroad spring to mind every now and then, but I’m still praying for God’s will in my career.


Not literally. I only traveled with my eyes on the internet. 😀

Last March 2016, I discovered Jake Ejercito’s blog. And my eyes seriously feasted to the wonderful shots he had of exotic and unusual places he’s been to like Lithuania, Hoi An, Laos, Penang, and Saigon. It feels like I’m also there, traveling with him. And the ones that made me want to travel more are his pictures of hidden paradises in the Philippines like Minalungao Park in Nueva Ecija, Masungi Georeserve, Tinipak River in Rizal and even Escolta, Manila. Every month, he also posts a playlist and his choice of songs is the bombest! Strip him off the bad image that showbiz reporters described him as and you’ll get a guy who is immensely passionate in what he does.

Palace Manila posted an exclusive article about him and it was truly inspiring. I wanna share the one where he’s asked, “What is the message you want to get across to your blog’s audience?

He answered, “That traveling isn’t about aiming to see the 7 Wonders of the World and sharing it on social media with a ridiculous hashtag. It’s about meeting people from different walks of life and learning to appreciate their daily grind. You could go to a place much closer like Intramuros or Escolta and find it just as enriching as Paris.



I’m a KPOP fan since 2009. I followed groups like Super Junior, B2ST, CNBLUE, and EXO. I’m also a fan of variety shows like Running Man (my favorite one!), Strong Heart (though it ended a few years ago), Roommate, Return of Superman, Weekly Idol, and We Got Married. A year has already passed when I stopped watching or listening to anything Korean because of Maine Mendoza (yes, I’m a fan!). But two months ago, I found an amazing performance by Taeyang and Lee Seo Jin a.k.a. Rhythm Gangster. They sang Eyes, Nose, Lips as a duet and it was just jjang! It made me want to watch more performance videos of various young artists.

After that, I decided to watch the Kdrama that everyone’s been talking about and can’t get enough of…. Descendants of the Sun! It just took me two days to finish all sixteen episodes and it didn’t disappoint. From the actors, actresses, location, camera shots, video quality, script, and official soundtrack, everything is just awesome!

This photo was taken spontaneously while they’re filming.


And lastly, the Korean hiphop group that I really really love right now, BTS! As I was looking for other covers of Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips, my friend Jenny suggested me to watch a clip of BTS members lip-syncing to the song. There’s one member who sang it live and I was charmed! *hart hart* Jenny told me he was the maknae (youngest) of the group (which really surprised me). He’s young and he’s already “that” good in singing!

From then on, I started watching them in variety and music shows. ALL of them are talented. It’s only been three years since they debuted, but the amount of talent that they have is really impressive. They also write their own songs. And I’m sure that a lot of young people will be able to relate to them.

I wanna share my favorite music video of BTS. Like its title, the song and choreography is DOPE!



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