Eyes, Nose, Lips

While scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I found this link of Taeyang and a girl singing a duet of “Eyes, Nose, Lips.” Saying that I was amazed was an understatement. I was, literally, watching with my mouth open! I kept on repeating the video for a few days when I decided to post it on my own timeline. I can’t believe that I’ve only watched it now after it was aired four months ago. There were comments on YouTube saying that Taeyang and the girl didn’t won, that is why I decided to find a copy of the whole episode.

I’m not aware of this before, but as I watched how the professional singers and panelists interacted with Taeyang, I noticed that some of them somewhat underestimated his ability as a singer. Somehow, I understand that because being an “idol” in Korea is just like a stepping stone to what a celebrity really wants to be in his future career. In an idol group, not everyone is good in singing or dancing. And this is probably the reason why idols are not considered as real artists.

Well, it doesn’t matter anyway because at the end of their performance, Taeyang and Rhythm Gangster proved them wrong. The way their vocals matched and blended without clashing throughout the song was so amazing that everyone in the studio was in awe. They also interpreted the song perfectly that it felt like you’re watching a movie. There was so much passion and emotion as they looked at each other, and slowly closed the distance between them. I seriously had goosebumps, especially at the last part where they exchanged lines of the song, expressed the feelings within it. Every time I watch it, it always feels like the first time.

Taeyang lost the competition, but hearing the praises from his seniors was already a memorable win for sure. Lee Sun Hee, a legendary Korean singer, even acknowledged them as the winner in her heart. Yoon Sang spoke his gratefulness for watching the performance up close. And Im Chang Jung’s comment, “You’re not just an idol,” was a huge compliment, subtly showing his approval of Taeyang being a real artist.

As for Lee Seo Jin, a.k.a. Rhythm Gangster, I hope that she’ll sign up to YG or any entertainment company cause she sings really really well and it will improve if she’s given the proper training.

I haven’t seen a Kpop performance as awesome as this in a while, so I hope more talented “idols” would come out and change other singers’ perspective about them.

You can watch their performance here:



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