BTS American Hustle Life Episode 7

When I went to the US last 2013, there were people who warned us about going to Skid Row in LA. As much as possible, we should avoid going there because it’s “dangerous.” But when I watched BTS American Hustle Life Episode 7, I had a different view of the place.

The show is about BTS learning the hiphop culture in America. On their first day, they were brought to Skid Row which later on, came to be their home in LA for a few weeksThey met legendary hiphop icons like Coolio and Warren G and got some lessons and advice about hiphop music and culture.


In the 7th Episode, their tutors, Tony and Nate, wanted them to earn money on their own. They washed dishes in the kitchen, cleaned hotel rooms, yacht, and planes. At first, they thought that the money would be used for their concert production, but they were wrong. It was used to teach them the lesson of “giving back.”

For three years, BTS’ popularity has already spread globally through countless Korean and International fans. With this, Tony and Nate, aspired them to know that even if they are at the top and very successful at their young age, they should never forget to give to the less fortunate. So, they asked BTS to distribute hamburgers to the homeless people living in Skid Row that same day.

As the Skid Row people were given hamburgers, Tony and Nate asked them to give advice to BTS members who are young, and are still yet to achieve more success in their career. Considering their current status in life, they are very positive and full of hope. You can watch this part of the show here: (at 2:42)

BTS experienced not-so-good encounters with their bosses and work that day. They felt bad, annoyed and tired. But when they started giving those hamburgers and received positive advice from people who are “less fortunate” than them, their hearts became full again. They only gave simple hamburgers, but it felt like they received more in return: lessons about life that they can keep forever. Priceless!

Featured Image: official photo of BTS American Hustle Life



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