BTS Meets their First Daesang 11.19.2016

A few hours ago, I opened the live stream for Melon Music Awards 2016. My main purpose was just to see my favorite boys, BTS. That’s all.

The show went on and they won the TOP10 Artist Award. It felt

(lol i stopped typing cause my notification for BTS’ vlive showed up!)

It felt really good seeing them happily accepting the award (and how EXO congratulated them). Because of that, I expected more. The Best Male Dance Group was about to be announced and I’m expecting the MC to call them, but he didn’t. It was given to another group. My heart sank. As an ARMY, I know they deserve every award in there, but it is probably not just meant for them this time.

I just looked forward to their performance and it was lit! I’m all hyped up while watching them. There were bad camera angles, but the rest was just amazing. Makes me more sad why they didn’t won the Best Male Dance Group category.

After that, I gave up watching. The sound’s off, but the live stream’s still on. I was scrolling through Twitter when someone tweeted “OMG BTS WON DAESANG!” Shock was an understatement. I froze on my seat, in front of my laptop, and my mind momentarily stopped working. What?! Really?! I looked at the live stream and TWICE was the one on stage, so I really can’t believe that it happened.

Then finally, someone tweeted the video. And their reaction was like my reaction a few hours ago. BTS was repeatedly asking “Us? Us?” pointing to themselves like “Am I dreaming? Did we really won a Daesang?” I was happy and laughing because of their reactions, but seeing this gif..


..made me CRY. It’s like when your ultimate dream was already right in front of you and you still can’t believe it. (aww.. our Leader Mon..)

I’m a new ARMY and I may not know much about their hardships in the past as much as the others. But watching them these last few months is already enough for me to know that they truly deserve the Daesang. I hope they’ll continue to dream bigger. Then I’ll be their fan and watch them reach those dreams one by one.



Credit: @bts_bighit and @melliflousJK (for the featured image)


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