breath of fresh air

Nowadays, being in the KPOP fandom is stressful considering the unending fan wars and all the haters in social media. I really want to have a break from all the drama I’ve been witnessing online. And there comes Wanna One! I don’t know about you, but I think and feel that they’re a breath of fresh air from this stressful fandom.

I followed Wanna One since their training at Produce 101, an audition reality show. A hundred and one trainees from different companies will gather in one program and train to be in an 11-member group. They will debut and be active in the industry for one and a half years. Yes, this is where I.O.I. was formed too.


As you can see, their logo forms a triangle. Even though they’re going to produce ONE group, the trainees still need to fight for the top position, which will later be called the CENTER. It’s very important because the Center takes most of the attention and exposure, which I think will be helpful when they go their separate ways at the end of the contract.

So basically, Produce 101 is a COMPETITION. Whenever I watch preparations of their performances, the greed for the CENTER position is always there. If they want a huge percent of survival in the competition, they should do whatever it takes to get the Center position.

This is the reason why I’m surprised that Kang Daniel was the Top 1 among all the trainees. I know that he works really hard, does his best whatever they do, and wants to be on top. But I never saw the greed. He got the top position without stepping on anyone. Actually, I remembered him as someone who wants the Leader position more than the Center. He said that he was inspired by NU’EST’s Jonghyun and wants to sacrifice for others too. That is why I really think he deserves the top spot. In just a short time, he gained massive popularity, he could’ve developed arrogance, but nah. He’s still the same Daniel from Episode 1.

And not only Kang Daniel, I also saw this attitude among all the Wanna One members. If you would put it into words, it would be “humble” and “down-to-earth.” I know other KPOP groups are humble in their own ways, too. And I’ve also loved them because of that. But Wanna One’s type of humbleness is different. It’s hard to put it in words, but you’ll know when you watch them on variety shows.

They have achieved a LOT before and after their debut. In fact, they did their debut stage at the Gocheok Dome, which is a first for a KPOP group. And it was only for a short period of time which is hard for rookies nowadays, considering the tough and huge competition. But still, I never felt the arrogance in them, not even a single drop of it.

Wanna One still acts like normal people would. The title of being a “celebrity” hasn’t sunk on them yet. And I hope it won’t. I’ve been a KPOP fan since 2009, and it’s weird that I felt this the first time through them. Whenever I watch them on variety shows, I feel so light just by seeing them being themselves and having fun. Like I said, a breath of fresh air.

I really, really hope nothing would change until they complete their contract and go their separate ways. I wish all the best for them. Always. Fighting Wanna One!




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