breath of fresh air

Nowadays, being in the KPOP fandom is stressful considering the unending fan wars and all the haters in social media. I really want to have a break from all the drama I’ve been witnessing online. And there comes Wanna One! I don’t know about you, but I think and feel that they’re a breath of fresh air from this stressful fandom.

I followed Wanna One since their training at Produce 101, an audition reality show. A hundred and one trainees from different companies will gather in one program and train to be in an 11-member group. They will debut and be active in the industry for one and a half years. Yes, this is where I.O.I. was formed too.

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Reasons why I’ll go to BTS Wings Tour in Manila

Last week, PULP Live World’s Vice President Happee Sy a.k.a. Inang Reyna tweeted that the date for BTS WINGS TOUR in Manila will be announced before the month ends. But, it’s already February 4 and ARMYs are still waiting for the official tour date.

Because of the delay, ARMYs became a little impatient. With this, Happee and Vernon decided to give lots of clues. You can check the HT #WINGSTourInManila on twitter. This is why everyone kinda have an idea already about the dates and prices of tickets.

Even if I’m not a KPOP concert first-timer, this BTS tour in Manila is making me impatient, nervous, happy, and excited all at the same time. So here are three reasons why I want to go to this concert:Read More »


Last night, my friends and I decided to wait for the BTS Wings Album Preview Show at V app. But due to the high level of interest for the show, the site crashed. It was scheduled at 9:40 PM, but I was able access the video at 10:30 PM. My friends already left during that time, so I watched alone. I was in time for the last part of the show when they played a game.Read More »

Eyes, Nose, Lips

While scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I found this link of Taeyang and a girl singing a duet of “Eyes, Nose, Lips.” Saying that I was amazed was an understatement. I was, literally, watching with my mouth open! I kept on repeating the video for a few days when I decided to post it on my own timeline. I can’t believe that I’ve only watched it now after it was aired four months ago. There were comments on YouTube saying that Taeyang and the girl didn’t won, that is why I decided to find a copy of the whole episode.Read More »

Life Currently 01

Yesterday, I decided to leave my Tumblr to focus on my blog here. I joined the Blog 101 lessons last 2014, so I already have a few posts and followers. I’ve always wanted to go back to blogging, but life has been preventing me to do so. Ever since I came back from the US, a lot of things happened (which I would share in my future blog posts). I felt like my life was stuck for 3 years. And I didn’t do something about it. My fault, I know. But now that I’ve gained inspiration and motivation to do the things I love again, I’m gonna go ALL OUT.Read More »