Last night, my friends and I decided to wait for the BTS Wings Album Preview Show at V app. But due to the high level of interest for the show, the site crashed. It was scheduled at 9:40 PM, but I was able access the video at 10:30 PM. My friends already left during that time, so I watched alone. I was in time for the last part of the show when they played a game.Read More »


My First Poem

When I was still studying, I really enjoyed writing essays, scripts and short stories. But there were times when the teacher would ask us to write a poem, which made me nervous every time. I love to write, but I’m not good at weaving words into rhymes and meters. So this past week, I decided to learn poetry. I tried to do two free verses. Here it goes:

You're a beautiful soul
Not just like any person;
Carefully chosen among the others
But someone who is hard to find
And impossible to forget

You are amazing
In case you forgot
Don't be anxious
Don't care too much
People will always expect a lot